McKinley Acres

We are a small hobby farm who breed only Nigerian Dwarf Goats, they are like family to us. We have 15Registered Does and 9 unregistered Does, we also have 4 registered Bucks . We do this so that we may serve people wanting good quality show/milking lines and also people just wanting animals to love! Please contact us and make an appointment to visit the farm and see all these beautiful creatures. When you purchase from us, the sale does not end when you bring your animal home. We will be here to help answer questions and give whatever support that we are able to give. We strive for all animals to have amazing loving homes, and that comes from owners seeking knowledge so if we do not have the answer we will try and help you find it.  We also tested negative for CAE and Johnes August 2018, also we are a Closed Herd.