These beautiful boys do their Jobs!

ADGA Rivers Rest M Bacon

Silver & Platinum 

Bacon was born 3/5/21 he is a very shy boy, but man does he put out some beautiful silver babies. Flat Rocks and The 7 Fields Farm 

ADGA K Family Ferdinand

Blue eyes 

Ferdie was born 3/6/2020 He has stunning coloring and a great pedigree. He is sweet and friendly. His lineage includes LittlebitofDixie & Little tots Estates

ADGA Rivers Rest I am Chips


Chips was born 3/10/2021 is the friendliest buck, always wants attention. he is also the king of the boy's barn! Can't wait to see what he can do! Lineage includes Flat Rocks

ADGA McKinley Acres Yuengling

Polled & Moonspotted

Yuengling was born here on 6/9/2021 very sweet boy but like to eat clothing. He is a beautiful boy with tons of moonspots his lineage includes Cedar view and K family