We love our Girls!

K Family Blue Bell

Blue eyes

Bluebell was born on 3/26/17 she was a bottle baby who has been with us since the day she was born. Her lineage include shoals a rolling, Littletots Estates & Old Wests

Berry tiny bit Cheesecake


Cheesecake was born on 11/20/2016, she came to us in May of 2017 she was shy when we got her but has blossomed into the sweetest girl. Her first kidding she had twins 1 boy 1 girl.  Her lineage includes Double Durango, Rosasharn & Lil hill.

K Family Latte

Red roan coloring

Latte was born 5/24/16, she also came to us in February of 2017, her mom (dam) is a permanent grand champion. Her first kidding she had Twins 1 boy & 1 girl. Very nice on the milk stand. She is very friendly and outgoing. Her lineage includes Cedar View & Littletots Estates 

Berry tiny bit Florence


Florence was born 12/11/14, she came to us with Cheesecake in May of 17. Her last kidding she had twins both polled. She is the most mild mannered and sweet goat. Her lineage includes bleat and teats, double durango & Littletots Estates 

Littletots Estates Ruellia


Black and white

Ruellia was born 9/18/13, she came to us in March of 2017. She is our herd queen. 2018 kidding she had quintuplets! Outstanding Milker! So funny, so loving . Her lineage includes caesars-villa, Littletots Estates 

Kelly's Critters Cannoli

Buckskin w/overlay

Cannoli was born 3/15/17, she has been with us since July 2017. She was very skittish when we first got her now she will eat from your hand. Her lineage includes TK'S MT RDG Farm, Flanary Keepsake 

K Family Laffy Taffy

Blue eyes & polled

Laffy Taffy was born 5/12/17, and she was my mothers day gift from my daughter and son in law, she came to us at 8 weeks of age. she is very quiet and sweet. Her lineage includes Old wests , Littletots Estates & Shoals a Rolling

Berry Tiny Bit Snowcap


Snowcap was born 7/1/17 her mother is Florence, she is a very quiet girl and very sweet. Her lineage includes Lil Hill Farm, Rosasharn & Littletots Estates

McKinley Acres Dots


Dots was born 4/20/18 her mother is Cheesecake she is beautifully moonspotted, with a lot of attitude. her lineage includes Cedar View, Lil Hill Farm & Bleats and teats

K Family Sundae

tri colored

Sundae was born on 2/16/18, She was a bottle baby and we have had her since she was a week old, she spent the first 6 weeks of her life inside and traveled all over with us. Her lineage includes Dills and Little tots estates

McKinley Acres NutMeg


Nutmeg is a doll she was born here on 10/12/2018 ,she is  over the top friendly. Her mom (Snowcap) and Grandma (Florence) also live here on the farm. She is polled. Her lineage includes Cedar View and Little tots estates.

McKinley Acres Sweet Tea


Sweet Tea is a beautiful moonspotted girl  that was born here on 05/03/2019 she has an amazing personality , her mom is Moonshine.  Her lineage includes Dills, Little tots estates & old wests

McKinley Acres Honey


Honey is the sweetest but also a mischievous girl! she was born here 5/16/2020. Her lineage includes Lil Hill Farm and K Family

McKinley Acres Jelly Bean


Jelly Bean is a very sweet polled girl that was born here on 9/25/2021 Her lineage includes Little tots estates and cedar view

McKinley Acres Muffin

Tri Colored beauty

Muffin is very shy, her mom is Ruellia, she was born here on the farm 2/10/2022. Her lineage includes Little tots estates and cedar view