Unregistered Girls

Just as loved !


Peppermint was born 7/4/13, she has had a ruff beginning to her life when she came to us in October 2017 she was sick and would not let you touch her without catching her, now she is healthy and beginning to trust.


Tri colored

Triscuit was born 12/12/17, she was so small when she came to us in February of 2018. She was super shy and now she demands your attention! She is so loving. Cannot wait to see her offspring. 

Tag a long

Blue Eyed

Tag A Long was born 12/12/17 and is the smallest goat we own, not sure if she will be breedable but that doesn't matter she will be with us forever. She is still very shy and learning to trust.


Tri colored blue eyes

S'mores was born June 1st 2018 she was actually a registered goat unfortunately we have been unable to acquire her paperwork from the people we bought her from so she will be unregistered. She is extremely affectionate and an all around incredible goat!


Nugget was born on 9/10/19 she is polled and very pretty. Her mom is KitKat and her dad is payday. she has a strong personality but loves attention .

Cherry Pie

Cherry was born on 11/22/21 she is Blue eyed and very sweet. Her mom is Nugget and her dad is T-Bone she can be shy but also very sweet. 


Munchkin was born on 03/13/2020 she is Blue eyed and polled, Her mom is Tag- A - Long and her dad is Snickers she is super sweet


Buttermilk was born on 03/02/2022 she is Blue eyed, kind of shy depending on her mood. Her mom is Smores, and her dad is Ferdinand she is one beautiful girl


Gidget was born on 03/02/2022 she was extremely tiny and had been supplementally bottle fed. She loves people and spent lots of time inside . Her mom is Smores, and her dad is Ferdinand she is one funny sweet girl.